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                SANYYO PLC intelligent control system is an intelligent operating system developed for the increasingly complex and demanding crushing 

        production line. It is using its intelligent control unit to automatically operate and monitoring running of the crushing line. Hardware included 

        in this system are as below.


1.   Central control module

       Central processing unit is a computer designed for industry and installed with programmable PLC module. Program of which is to be written according to 

       the actual situation of the crusher and is used to deal with various feedback signal from every sensor. Through touching screen, it can achieve intelligent 

       control and interaction between human and computer.


2.    Electronic control system

        According to the actual control requirement, every machine will be equipped with start-and-stop control component, which including air switch, contactor, 

       soft starter, frequency converter, heat protector and so on.


3.    Sensor

       The system for monitoring the complete set of equipment. It includes Current Sensor for detecting the load of the equipment, Thermal Sensor for detecting 

       the bearing temperature, sensor for detecting the vibration of the main equipment, image system for real-time monitoring, power sensor for detecting the

       power consumption, Pressure Sensitive Transducer for detecting capacity and so on.


4.  Information sharing system

      Information generating and distributing unit, which helps administrator to know status of the equipment very clearly. Report is sent to the administrator's 

      mobile phone in the way of message. The report is automatically generated for its capacity, power consumption, daily production time, reason of stop for 


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1.      One button start or stop of the production line.


        In auto mode, just press one button, all main machines will start in order.


    When needed, all machines will stop in order by just press STOP button.


    In maintenance mode, each machine can be started alone for adjusting.


   Standby manual control system. Production line can be controlled by button switch in case the touch screen does not work properly.


2.  Intelligently monitoring working conditions of the equipment during normal running.


      When motor stops in case of equipment failure, the system will automatically stop all machines connected. 


   Working status can be monitored through temperature sensor of the bearing installed on the main machines.


Detect current of each main machine and vibration of sand making machine, and find out

whether each unit works well or not through comparing data calculated by the default formula in the processor and standard load database


Automatically save of on-site monitoring data. There have video monitoring system in both operating room and administrator's office. 

    They can live monitoring production status of the site, to ensure production safety and supervision of working conditions. 

    Video data of the monitoring can be stored for 30 days, the administrator can review working status of everyday of the month anytime.


  Life time backup for data of the production line collected. 

      The administrator can review working conditions of the various periods of time and running status of the equipment.


Password is set for log in to prevent potential security problem from improper operation.


3.  Daily and monthly report


Daily report including daily production capacity, power consumption, total working time of the day will be automatically generated and sent to the administrator via SMS every 24 hours of running of the production line.


     Monthly report of production capacity, power consumption and total working time will be automatically generated and sent to the administrator via SMS every 30 days of running of the production line.


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