This is a complete crushing and bagging machine, which is used to crush and bag maize etc as required in the agricultural industry. It works at a medium speed, and comes complete with a bag dust extractor which reduces environmental pollution, as required by international standard authorities.

Working principle

Hyperbaric milling machines, roll grinding hanger on fastening a 1000-1500kg pressure hyperbaric spring. Roller stared work on the rotating spindle, and high-pressure spring and the effects of centrifugal force to keep Central rolling mill, rolling the same dynamic pressure than under the conditions of Raymond Mill powder machine 1.2 times the yield increased substantially.

When the mill was grinding material into the cavity, followed by a shovel blade into the roll grinding and grinding between Central RCC, RCC after the powder with the blower into the cycle of the wind machine, qualified with the powder into the air Cyclones Set-which is refined powder, granular materials down to regrinding. Back to the wind circulation blower to repeat the above process, remaining wind would goes to bag filter for air purification. When it is up to certain wear between grinding roller and ring, by adjusting the length of high-pressure spring to maintain stable pressure between grinding roller and grinding ring, the stable output and fineness of product can be guaranteed.

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