Our electronic pulse bag type dust collector is a high efficiency dust collector with today’s international leading technology. It is developed on the basis of traditional technology of dust collector, adopted technology advantage of dust collector from Germany and combined the actual situation of Chinese market. It combined the advantage of dust collector like compartment back blowing, pulse blow and others, and overcame the disadvantages of insufficient strength of kinetic energy of compartment back blowing and simultaneously filtering and cleaning of pulse blow. Thanks to the high-energy ash cleaning and off-line fractional structure dust removal used, it has advantages of strong dust collecting, high speed and short cycle. This increased its applicability, improved efficiency of dust collecting and extended the service life of the filtering bag. After collecting, the dust concentration in the air can fully meet the requirements of the new national environmental emission standards (emission concentration is below 100mg/m3 for heat equipment, and less than 50 mg /m3 for ventilation equipment.

Extensive application proves that this kind of pulse bag dust removal technology is high reliable and has excellent performance cost. It has been widely used in cement, mining, machinery, electricity, chemicals, metallurgy, steel and other industries.

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